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"There are some people who are so fundamentally authentic, the bullshit stops when they're around.  'Mountain' Mike Gordon is one such, and his book reads like the record of the take-no-prisoners guy he is.  He's climbed the highest peak on 6 continents and reached 27,500 feet on Mt. Everest at age 50.  He founded a legendary bar in Alaska, ran the Hells Angels off when they demanded protection, used too much cocaine, carried a pistol, and graduated from the University of San Francisco 48 years late.

The stories in his book will make you feel that whatever you did, it didn't quite measure up.  You don't get a nickname like 'Mountain' by being anything but immovable.  I loved this book.  I laughed my ass off, and more than once he made me choke off a sob.  I wished I'd written it, but I get vertigo standing on a chair."


Author, Actor

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